Planet Earth Poetry Season 22 & 23 Honour Roll

In recognition of Planet Earth Poetry readers and team who have received nominations and been listed for or won book awards or individual poem awards.


Shortlisted for the Victoria Butler Book Prize 2018 are poets Lorna Crozier for What the Soul Doesn’t Want; Patrick Friesen for Songen; and Rhonda Ganz for Frequent, small loads of laundry.


Local Feature Readers in Season 22 who are award winners or nominees

(only recent awards listed)

Lorna Crozier  2018 George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017 short listed for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry

Yvonne Blomer

Terry Ann Carter  2017 Touchstone Distinguished Book Award*

Joe Denham

Karen Enns  short listed for the Raymond Souster Award

Patrick Lane

Tim Lilburn  2017 European Medal for Poetry and Art*

Dan MacIsaac

Wendy Morton  2017 Order of British Columbia

Arleen Paré

Barbara Pelman  The Malahat Review Open Season Award for Poetry

Patricia Young  Finalist for The City of Victoria Butler Book Prize

Jordan Mounteer

Kayla Czaga

Kate Braid

 * International Awards


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Other Feature Readers with award recognition

Richard Harrison
George Elliott Clarke
Laurie D Graham
Laura Apol
Gary Barwin
D.S Stymeist
Tim Bowling
Canisia Lubrin

Susan Elmslie

Cornelia Hoogland

Naomi Beth Wakan

Susan McCaslin


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PEP BEES who won or were short-listed for book awards this season

Zoe Dickinson WordsThaw Poetry Prize

Wendy Donawa  long listed for the Raymond Souster Award, short listed for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award.

Rhonda Ganz  short listed for Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

Julie Paul  short listed for Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, short listed for Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

Barbara Pelman  The Malahat Review Open Season Award for Poetry