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September 2019: Brian Henderson and John Reibetanz; Katherin Edwards and Heidi Greco; Fiona Tinwei Lam and Frank Wilson

Summer 2019: Rebecca Păpucaru and Emily Davidson; Laura Williamson and Liz Breslin; Laura Ritland and Jennifer Zilm

May 2019: Cecily Nicholson and Marita Dachsel; Michael Kenyon and Catherine J. Stewart; Daniel Cowper and Sandra Ridley; Doyali Island and Ian Ferrier

April 2019: kj munro and DC Reid; Ali Blythe and Else Kraljii Gardiner; Laura Apol

March 2019: John Barton and Aziza Moqia SEealey-Qaylow; Leslie Timmins and Marion Quednau; Rayanne Haines, Michelle Brown and Zöe Dickinson; Kerry Gilbert and Al Rempel

February 2019: Claire Kelly, Anne Hopkinson and Rhona McAdam; Jenna Butler and Lenea Grace; Alice Major and Paul Nelson; Randall Maggs and Susan Gillis

January 2019: Will Webster and Hilary Peach; Tina Biello, Marlene Grand Maitre and Stephen T. Berg; Kelly Shepherd and Colin Morton

December 2018: Poets appearing in the anthology Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees

November 2018: Lorna Crozier; Stevie Howell and Eve Joseph; Yvonne Blomer and Patricia Young; Philip Kevin Paul and Amanda Jernigan; Wendy Morton and Emily Nilsen

October 2018: Jónína Kirton and Dvora Levin; Onjana Yawnghwe and Micheline Maylor; Patrick Friesen and Joanna Lilley

September 2018: Carl Hare and Daniel G. Scott; David James Brock, Laisha Rosneau, Katherine Vermette

August 2018: Yusuf Saadi and Aidan Chafe

July 2018: Kate Braid and John Terpstra; Ned Baeck and Rob Lewis; launch of Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food

June 2018: Anne Campbell and David Day; Five Island Poets: Susan Alexander, Terry Ann Carter, Richard Osler, Barbara Pelman and Linda K. Thompson

May 2018: Danielle Janess and Susan McCaslin; Jordan Mounteer and Susan Elmslie

April 2018: Poet Laureate Night at City Hall; Heidi Greco and Russell Thornton; Terry Ann Carter and Cornelia Hoogland; Danika Dinsmore and Naomi Beth Wakan

March 2018: Elizabeth Bachinsky and Kayla Czaga; Joe Denham and Bernice Lever

February 2018: Lisa Bird-Wilson and Christine Lowther; Arleen Paré and Laura Apol; Richard Harrison and Jude Neale; Renée Saklikar and Gary Gottfriedson

December 2017 and January 2018: Sheila Rosen, joined by Wendy Donawa, Carla Funk and Rhonda Ganz; Patricia Young & Christine Walde; Mark Sampson and Wendy McGrath; Kim Trainor and Laurie Graham

November 2017: Susan Alexander and Barbara Pelman; Tim Lilburn and Gary Barwin; Dan MacIsaac and Canisia Lubrin; Wendy Morton and Chelsea Comeau

October 2017: Sheri-D Wilson and Tim Bowling; Adèle Barclay and Rob Taylor; Linda King and Frank Wilson; David Stymeist and Philip Resnick

September 2017: Fundraiser for Doctors without Borders; Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane (with Victoria Festival of Authors)

July and August 2017: Andrea McKenzie Raine and Suzannah Showler; Arthur Joyce and Blair Trewartha

May and June 2017: Ulrike Narwani and Emily McGiffin; Rhonda Ganz and Shirley Graham; Yoko’s Dogs – Mary di Michele, Jann Conn and Jane Munro

April 2017: Clea Roberts and Kevin Spenst, Amber McMillan and Joe Denham, Madhur Anand and Dee Hobsbawn-Smith

March 2017: Ali Blythe and Lynda Monahan, Peter Midgley and Nora Gould, Julie Paul and Murray Reiss, Heidi Garnett and Rhea Tregebov

February 2017: Amber McMillan and Melanie Siebert; Gisela Ruebsaat and Miranda Pearson; Bren Simmer and D.N. Simmers; Alice Major and Alison Calder

January 2017: Stephen Collis and Owain Nicholson; Elee Kraljii Gardener and Pamela Porter; Maleea Acker and Angeline Schellenberg

December 2016: Patricia Young and Patrick Warner; Karen Enns, Wendy Donawa and Terry Ann Carter

November 2016: Sheryda Warrener and Sarah Kendall; The launch of In Fine Form, second edition; Sonnet L’Abbé and Will Webster; Wendy Morton and Leanne McIntosh

October 2016: Naomi Beth Wakan and Karen Shklanka, Dean Steadman and Sue Sinclair, Richard Osler and Susan McCaslin, Clara Blackwood and Allan Briesmaster

September 2016: Open Mic, Fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders, Victoria Festival of Authors, Susan Stenson, Bill Stenson and Fred Stenson

Summer 2016: as below (May to July) with the addition of Barbara Pelman and Timothy Shay on August 19

May to July 2016: Daniel Scott and Zoe Dickinson, David Fraser and Jim Roberts, Rachel Lebowitz and Zachariah Wells, Judith Castle and Dorothy Mahoney

April 2016: Jeff Steudel and Drymphny Dronyk, Jeanette Lynes and Carla Funk, Gary Geddes and Susan Telfer, Joy Russell and Antony Di Nardo

March 2016: Betsy Warland and Trisha Cull, Kyeren Regehr and Naomi Guttman, Words on Ice: An Evening of Readings (co-hosted by The Malahat Review)

February 2016: Harold Rhenisch and Missie Peters, Arleen Paré and Carolyn Smart, Jenna Butler and Murray Reiss, Patrick Lane retreat chapbook launch Fracture

January 2016: Yvonne Blomer and Rachel Rose, Tina Biello and David James Brock, Pamela Porter and Frances Boyle

December 2015: All open mic night

November 2015: Marilyn Bowering and Xan Shian, Youth Poetry Night with the Claremont Review Magazine, Wendy Morton, and Lorna Crozier

October 2015: Alisa Gordaneer & Paulo Da Costa, Elena Johnson & Maureen Hynes, Terry Ann Carter & Monty Reid, Anita Lahey, Patricia Young & Ruth Roach Pierson

September 2015: Fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders, Jen Hadfield & Pam Galloway

July and August 2015: Shelley Leedahl & Steve Noyes, Catherine Owen, Deanna Young and Sandy Shreve

May and June 2015: Niki Loulouris & Kevin Spenst, Bren Simmers & Anne Simpson, Best Canadia Poetry in English 2014, Meira Cook & Cynthia Woodman Kerkham

April 2015: Danielle Janess & Warren Heiti,Catherine Graham, Kyla Czaga & Henry Rappaport

March 2015: Claire Caldwell & Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Alice Major & Beth Kope, Karen Enns, Matt Rader & Peter Midgley, Billeh Nickerson & Amber Dawn

February 2015: Judith Castle, Carl Leggo, Chris Levenson, Cathy Ford, Julie Paul & George Szanto, Goran Marić, Patrick Friesen and Derk Wynand

January 2015: Youth from Claremont Secondary and St. Michael’s University School

December 2014: Dvora Levin and Susan McCaslin

November 2014: Garth Martens, Erina Harris, Rhona McAdam, Wendy Morton, Fionncara MacEoin and Michael Kenyon

October 2014: Yvonne Blomer, Ariel Gordon, Patricia Young, Tim Bowling, Lawrence Feuchtwanger, Jane Munro, Susan Paddon, John Barton, Joanna Lilley, Arleen Paré and Ricardo Sternberg

September 2014 : Kate Braid and John Terpstra

Summer 2014 : Diane Tucker, Madeline Walker, Rachel Lebowitz, Andrea Bennett, Daniel G. Scott and Bonnie Nish

May 2014: Andrea Raine, Andrea Routley, Janine Alyson Young, Tina Biello, Christine Smart, Julie Bruck, Catherine Owen, Eufemia Fantetti, Kathryn Para and Katrin Horowitz

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