We are thankful for the outpouring of support from our poetry and literary community. Donations to date total $4000.

NOVEMBER 9, 2018: Barbara Black is sponsoring Eve Joseph

NOVEMBER 16, 2018: Ulrike Narwani is sponsoring Yvonne Blomer
I would like to sponsor Yvonne Blomer. There are so many reasons why. Many are personal. She has been my poetry mentor, my most essential poetry teacher, and my guide in editing, refining, and putting together my first volume of poetry Collecting Silence. I owe her tons of gratitude. Also, I admire her immensely as poet, as teacher, as past artistic director of our so vital and vibrant Planet Earth Poetry reading series. And now as our most amazing Poet Laureate. She leaves a tremendously rich legacy behind her.

I feel truly honored to be able to sponsor her reading. Ulrike

NOVEMBER 30, 2018: Paul Hanson is sponsoring Wendy Morton
JANUARY 18, 2019: Susan and Gary Braley are sponsoring Tina Biello
JANUARY 25, 2019: Stephen K. Berg is sponsoring Kelly Shepherd
FEBRUARY 8, 2019: Geoff and Victoria Munday are sponsoring Lenea Grace
FEBRUARY 15, 2019: Sheila Martindale is sponsoring Alice Major
FEBRUARY 22, 2019: An anonymous sponsor who writes a few haiku is sponsoring Susan Gillis 

MAY 17, 2019: Catherine J Stewart is sponsoring Michael Kenyon.
MAY 24, 2019: Wendy Donawa is sponsoring Sandra Ridley.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2019: Emily Olsen and Anne Hopkinson are sponsoring Fiona Tinwei Lam

Amy Reiswig, Geoff and Victoria Munday, Jess Patterson, Angela Killoran and Peter Pinfold, and Linda Thompson are sponsoring a poet of PEP’s choosing.

Other Sponsors

Ursula Vaira, Pamela Porter, Sandy O’Reilly, Catherine J Stewart
Three anonymous sponsors


Why do this? We want to maintain our tradition, now in its 23rd Season, of having regular weekly poetry readings for our literary audience of poets, writers  and listeners. Costs are rising and we need help.  It is not an accident that so many Victoria and South Island poets are being nominated for, and winning writing awards. Planet Earth Poetry is a place for writers to be part of a supportive and critical community, where they can hone their craft and give voice to their poems.

What does a sponsorship entail? 

A single poet sponsorship is $150.
A major visiting poet sponsorship is $500.
A partial sponsorship is anything over $25.

If you choose to sponsor a poet you will be thanked publicly at our Friday reading and listed on our website as part of our Poet Sponsors’ Honour List. You can remain anonymous if you prefer. If the poet is willing, you will be invited to join the poet for dinner prior to the reading and you will receive a signed copy of the poet’s most recent book. 

If you want more information please EMAIL US at and put Sponsor in the subject line. If you are ready to sponsor you can visit our website and see the list of poets who will be reading this season. Pick one or let us pick one for you. You can donate by e-transfer HERE and tell us about yourself and the poet who interests you.